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Megabus offers one of the cheapest and most comfortable forms of transportation between major cities in northeast America.

With Megabus, you buy bus tickets online. One-way tickets are generally cheaper than $25. If you book far enough in advance—usually by about a month, and you’ll have to know the exact time you’ll need to travel—your ticket will only cost $1.50. Regardless of where you’re going, that’s not a bad deal. It’s certainly cheaper than driving, flying, or taking Amtrak. And taking a bus is also eco-friendly, if you’re the type of person who cares about the environment.

The buses are comfortable. The seats are roomy enough that people who aren’t fat can stretch out, relax, and possibly nap. The buses are also equipped with wi-fi and power outlets for people who never stop using the internet, and with bathrooms for people who have to poop. Also, most of Megabus’s vehicles are double-decked, which is nifty.

Megabus drivers vary in terms of safety. Some are dedicated professionals. Some weave in and out of traffic at breakneck speeds before (and after) getting pulled over by police in New Jersey.

The most annoying thing about riding Megabus is the instructional video they play at the start of each ride. In this video, an ugly woman with a nasal voice takes a good twenty minutes to explain that passengers shouldn’t jump out of the bus while it’s in motion or wave their fingers in front of the driver’s eyes. The video is annoying, but at least it’s over well before you reach your destination.

There are other bus companies that transport people around the American northeast. Depending on the time of travel and a dozen other variables, they may be cheaper or more expensive than Megabus. They may or may not have drivers who are more psychotic than those who work for Megabus. Some—like the ones you’ll find in various cities’ Chinatown areas—might be infested with head lice. Few can boast the level of comfort and amenities that Megabus offers.


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