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An Introduction

I’ve been applying for jobs lately. It’s a tough economy, and not many people want to hire a professional editor with five years experience in office work, customer service, and magazine editing, along with a BFA in writing from Pratt Institute.

In the field I’m looking to get a new job in, people who are hiring want to be able to look at somebody’s work. They want writing samples. They want to be able to see that someone can do what they say they can do.

I’d like to get a part time job maintaining blog for a company, so I have to show that I can maintain a blog. I want to get a job writing things for a company, so I have to show that I can write things.

That’s why I’ve started this blog.

Because I would like to write reviews professionally and because I enjoy critiquing the experiences I have with life and media, I will only post reviews of things on this blog. Occasionally, I will post reviews of stuff as well.

These reviews will serve as writing samples to jobs I will apply to in the future. The wordpress will also show that I can maintain a blog. But writing these reviews will also scratch an itch I need to scratch. I feel the need to share my opinions on the books, comics, movies, clothes, TV shows, and moments I experience, and this will give me a place to do so. Hopefully you will enjoy what I post.

At first, this site will look basic. I need to design a splash banner, for instance. I will make some efforts to bring traffic to this site, but mostly I’ll just write reviews. I hope to post more than once each week.



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