Air (the comic book, not the stuff we breathe)

Air is a whimsical comic book.

It’s about a flight attendant with a fear of heights named Blythe who falls in love with a pretty man named Zayn, who is sort of an international man of mystery. She chases him all over the globe to countries that don’t exist, unearths an international conspiracy, and is told she can fly futuristic machines invented by the Aztecs with her mind. It’s all very metaphysical.

Air is romantic. It has a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. The writer, G. Willow Wilson, is good at defining her characters and giving them time to react to the crazy events of the story. Her plot is slow and often meanders, but the meanderings are enjoyable.

The book is illustrated by M.K. Perker, who draws like a lot of other comic book artists. He starts out with his art looking a lot like a lesser Jim Lee, or Tyler Kirkham. By the second trade paperback, his style is a little more relaxed, his inking a little gentler. His art isn’t very unique, but he does a good job of emoting the characters and telling the story.

There are two trade paperbacks of Air out right now, and both are pretty good. In the first, Blythe goes on an adventure with her motherly landlady and her goth co-worker. In the second, she hangs out with Amelia Earhart. This comic book sure has a motley cast of characters.

I don’t think I’m going to keep reading it, though. I enjoyed reading both collections–Letters From Lost Countries and Flying Machine. I just don’t feel a need to read further. This series is too lighthearted and whimsical for my taste. But it is very well crafted, and it’s a pleasure to read, so it should appeal to some people.


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